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A visit with Virgil…

Posted by on Monday, 15 February, 2010

As some of you recall, Virgil (brother to Rosalie and Renatta) is now the owner of my friend Evelyn.  Well, recently Evelyn had to take a trip to Chicago so I offered to house sit for her and watch her boys (Virgil has a “big brother”, Leo).  So on Wednesday night I went to visit after work so she could walk me through all the feeding and cleaning rituals for the boys.  Not really to my surprise, Virgil never appeared during the two or so hours I was there.  Leo came out and was sitting next to his mom and did allow me to pet him.

Anyway, Evelyn left on Thursday morning and I showed up after work at her house, put out food for the kitties… but no kitties to be found.  I got there around 7, went to bed at 11 and neither of them came out during that entire time.

Well, at about 1:30 in the morning I was in bed and had my elbow slightly dangling off the side of the bed and felt a little furry tap on my elbow!  It scared me!  Then I looked over to see little Virgil squatting down in his attack position.  He waited for just a moment and the BOLTED out the door and back down to the cellar!

About an hour later, I woke up just to see if Virgil had returned and as I scanned the room his little head popped up at the end of the bed.  He was sitting up on his hind legs in his “Prairy Dog” pose (or Murcat, whichever you prefer to call it).  He was SOOO cute!  And once again, BOLTS out the door.

So, again I’m off to work on Friday, then come home around 9 (after swimming).  No kitties for the first hour, then Leo made an appearance.  Sitting completely across the room from me, watching for me to make ANY sudden or suspicious movements, you know, like a good Guard Kitty.  No sign of Virgil.  Went to bed again around 11 or so and NO visit from Virgil that evening.  :(

Saturday went by, I was out running errands most of the day, when I got home Leo came out and DID finally approach me and did let me pet him but I sort of had to chase him a little.  I was running from me, he was purring, but wasn’t sure he wanted to be TOO close to me, he shouldn’t REALLY trust me.  No sign of Virgil.  Went to bed again around 11 or so and NO visit from Virgil that evening.  :(

So, Sunday, I wake up around 9am.  Make some coffee, get a visit from… Leo.  Plunk myself on the couch in front of my laptop and start doing my internet thing.  WELL, WELL, WELL, Virgil wanders into the room and plops himself down completely across the room.  Needless to say, he’s a very timid little guy (not so little really at 12 lbs).

Here’s proof of the sighting!

Virgil - Brother to Renatta & Rosalie