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DOES ANYBODY WANT A TREET? or My cat voice is getting out of hand!

Posted by on Tuesday, 8 September, 2009

One of the best things about my life is the time I spend alone with my kitties. Like any four friends we have developed a special style of communicating. They sound pretty much how you would expect. Some chirps, purrs, meows and all completely adorable. On the other hand I use my “cat voice”. It is loud and high pitched. If that weren’t enough most statements end with “MEOW, MEOWMEOWMEOW”. For instance I might say when I find Roverlee eating something she shouldn’t ” NOW THAT’S NOT WHAT A GOOD KITTY DOES, RUBBER BANDS ARE YUCKY!!! M,MMM! (Shorthand for you know what)
While here in the house no big deal. They really do respond to it. Most mornings I open up my “beauty parlor” and give them a chance to face the day freshly coiffed. When done my “cat voice” doles out the rewards. DOES ANYONE WANT A TREET!!!! WHERE ARE THEY? ARE THEY IN HERE? M, MMM? (Picture me pointing to the cabinet where they are stored. Cats swarming, pandemonium without the pandas.) YOU ARE RIGHT!!! M, MMM! Phyllis crunches as she eats her hard treats. The Sisters munch quietly on soft treats. What could go wrong?
Sooner or later I must leave the confines of The Little Blue House. Fact is my “cat voice” comes with me. If I encounter a cute baby I inevitably stop and remark OH, LOOK AT YOU, M, MMM! YOU SMELL A LITTLE FUNNY BUT YOU ARE SO CUTE, M, MMM!
This can be awkward. Not nearly as difficult as my encounters with dogs. Almost always dogs smell better than babies. Problem is the owners of dogs are more sensitive than the owners of babies when it comes to how you address them. Small dogs present the biggest dilemma. The first M,MMM and the owner feels insulted. I am NOT calling your dog a cat. As if! It’s just that I don’t have a “dog voice”. My “cat voice” has to cover all cute things. If I knew a way to make dogs smell a little worse while making their owners a little less sensitive that would be ideal. I’LL KEEP YOU POSTED! M, MMM!