You think you are missed…..

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Everyone knows the story of how Phyllis saved my life. I won’t bore you with the details. Everyone also knows the story of how St. Francis sent wee little shedding things to teach me a life lesson. Again, no details required. What you don’t know is that Phyllis is a two-timing little vixen! Didn’t I love her with all my heart? Didn’t I invent a brilliant array of “pet” pet names? I permanently damaged my voice perfecting my “DOES ANYBODY WANT A TREET?” call. I lost an octave for that little devil! Or gained one. Either way it hurt. So it might surprise you to know she really doesn’t miss me. At all.

Phyllis is old-fashioned. A one man woman if there ever was one.  If you could see the queen in her castle you would be so happy for her.  Her first love was Rich and over the years that hasn’t changed.  He held her in the palm of his hand when her meow was a mew. When I visit it tickles me to see her and I tickle her back! It sounds funny but I really don’t mind not being missed. At all.

  • chathu

    Hey it is nice to see a post and good to see Matt posting again. Hope Renetta and sis are doing good. Would love to see their update on the blog