Introducing… our new puppy!

Well, we’ve been putting off the inevitable… getting a puppy! Y’all might be surprised that we named the new puppy a similar name to one of our kitties. Our new puppy’s name: Roverlee!

Wanna see a picture? Here she is!

Ok, so you might be a little confused. Ms. Roverlee has gone through a species change. We’re pretty sure she’s mostly puppy! She sort of makes puppy whining, barking type noises and eats until she can’t stand… just like a real puppy!

We’ve always understood that Roverlee was different, but we really love here. We’re very accepting of diversity in our household!

Welcome Roverlee!!!

  • Anne Boleyn

    Potter and Beatrix are the best of our four "dogs", and two of the four are supposed to be actual dogs!

  • HubbleSpacePaws

    LOL! I've always thought my Chester was a canine in feline-skin!

  • Anna

    Our orange tabby really has the personality of a dog as well!

  • Ducky

    I get it. My little Grace actually turned out to be an otter in a kitty outfit. She doesn't like us to mention it, and we don't see any reason to upset her. She's our baby, in any event. So, I'm very happy for Miss Roverlee. She's beautiful.

  • Charlemagne and Tamar

    Miss Roverlee – what a pretty girl you are! Our parents say that we act like puppies, too, because we meet them at the door and follow them around.

    Welcome to your new home!

    Charlemagne and Tamar